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A note to Prospective ProvPrep Families 

from Tabatha Carey, Founder, Head of School, and Teacher:


Hello, and Welcome to our Website!  As you are considering the education of your child(ren), I thank you for taking the time to check out what our program has to offer.  My husband and I have five children, and their education is one of our top priorities.  I have been a teacher in public schools, private schools, and have homeschooled.  This University-Model school program is the most effective combination of classroom learning and homeschooling I have found.

Providence Preparatory School aims to provide the necessary classes for our students to progress through their educational career, and ultimately earn a Foundation High School Diploma with a STEM Endorsement and Distinguished Level of Achievement based on the requirements set by the State of Texas.  The classes we offer changes year to year based on the needs of our students.  Follow the links below to read our Course Catalog, and find our Fall 2020 Schedules. 

May God be Glorified through our work!

Tabatha Carey

junior high fall 2020 schedule

senior high fall 2020 schedule

Junior high

6th-8th Grades

senior High

9th-12th Grades

at Grace Community Church
707 W Main St
Bellville, Austin County 77418